Current Conferences

This year’s college conference is taking place at the 2012 FIRST Robotics Conference on April 25-26th in St. Louis!  The conference details will be posted below as they become available.

Where: Room 230

When: 9:00AM Thursday, April 26th

FIRST for Life! Starting a College FIRST Program

Presented By: Members of Purdue FIRST Programs

Are you no longer in the FRC age range or a graduating senior but still want to continue your FIRST participation?  Why not find out how to start a collegiate college FIRST program at your local university or college.  This workshop will introduce various types of existing college FIRST programs and will help you make the right moves towards starting the type of program you want.  It will also be helpful to those who already have a program but are looking for additional ideas.

Topics to be presented include:

  • Types of College FIRST Programs
    • What are the benefits of having a college program?
    • Examples of existing college programs
    • Levels of university involvement
  • Getting Support
    • Finding your initial stakeholders
    • How to get university/college support
  • Sustaining a College FIRST Program
    • Importance of a long-term vision
    • Membership retention
    • Stakeholder satisfaction


Presentation Resources:

FIRST For Life! Starting a College FIRST Program – With Audio Narration 

FIRST For Life! Starting a College FIRST Program