Other College Programs

[toggle title=”Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)”][callout]

  • Major sponsor of three FRC Teams: 190 (21 years), 1735 (7 years), 1687 (1 year). Additionally provide mentors for 12 other FRC teams and 10 FLL teams
  • 13 years of running FRC off-season tournament “BattleCry@WPI” (2-day, 48-teams
  • 15 years of running FRC/FTC preseason “warm-up” tournament “Savage Soccer” (60-70 teams
  • 11 years of running FLL State Championship tournament “RoboNautica” (72 teams
  • 3 years of running FRC regional tournament “WPI Regional” (2-day, 36-teams
  • Manage the entire state’s FLL organization and tournament structure
  • Run 5 summer camps/year for FLL and FTC/FRC preparation/training
  • Just established FIRST Robotics Research Group to contractually provide hardware and software development for FIRST
  • Give out two 4-year, full-tuition scholarships to FTC/FRC applicants (valued at $160K/ea), plus three $20K and one $10K awards per year
  • Combined annual investment (includes in-kind contributions) =~$600K


Ken Stafford
Director – Robotics Resource Center

[toggle title=”GO FIRST – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities”][callout]

GO FIRST is a student organization at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. Created in 2009, the group supports the FIRST robotics program around the Twin-Cities area. The organization mentors teams, volunteers at regional events, and facilitates workshops for FIRST students in Minnesota.

Current FIRST Involvement:

  • Provides Mentors for 9 FRC Teams: 706, 1675, 2052, 2175, 2177, 2239, 2491, 3524, 3630.
  • 2nd year of running the Minnesota Post Kick Off (POKO) event to help teams think through the industry standard design process
  • Hosted the first annual Minnesota Mock Kick Off event to prepare teams for the 2012 FRC season in December
  • The University of Minnesota- Twin Cities (UMN) has hosted the 10,000 Lakes and North Star regionals for the past four years
  •  The College of Science and Engineering at UMN offers two $5,000-$10,000 scholarships that are renewable up to four years in addition to five $5,000 non-renewable scholarships for students involved in the FTC and FRC programs
  • In addition to hosting the official FIRST regionals on campus, the UMN is hosting the first annual Minnesota State High School League State Robotics State Tournament this May.


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