Previous Conferences

This page contains information from previous College Conferences that Purdue FIRST participated in or hosted.

2011’s College Conference in St. Louis

Below you will find information from the 2011 workshop!

FIRST Collegians Conference Agenda.1

Conference Mentoring Presentation

Purdue FIRST Programs Organization


2010’s College Conference in Atlanta

Below you will find information, files that you can download,  from the 2010 workshop!

This workshop was  targeted to benefit:

  • People from veteran and new programs
  • College Administrators
  • College Faculty
  • College Students
  • Prospective College Students/ High School Students

Benefits of a College FIRST Program


  • Why should we have a college FIRST program?
  • “Best Practices” and introduction to successful college programs

Downloadable Content:

Workshop Introduction and Best Practices Presentation

Getting Your College Involved

Target Audience:

  • Current or Future College Students without a program
  • College Faculty/Administration without a program

Explanation of 4 key stake holders:

  • College Students
  • Faculty/Administrators
  • Local Community/Schools
  • Sponsors
Downloadable Content:

Getting Your College Involved Presentation

Sustaining and Growing A College FIRST Program

Target Audience:

  • Existing College Participants

Discussion on the topics of:

  • Growing a Program
  • Organizational Structure of a Program
  • Transfer of Information from Year to Year
  • Demonstrating Benefits of a Program to Stakeholders
  • Importance of Data

Downloadable Content:

Discussion Notes

Fundraising, Institutional Support and Connecting with Community


  • Being Strategic and Flexible
  • Working with the University

Downloadable Content:

Fundraising Presentation

Fundraising Handout