Purdue FLL Tournament Updates

Last updated: 11/12/12 @ 12:52 PM

Check-in will start at 8:00 am on Saturday.  We will be having a coaches meeting at 8:30, so please try to make that if at all possible.  I will be making announcements and that would be one final time to bring up any concerns or questions for the day.  Our opening ceremony will start at 9:00 and will just be a brief welcome and what-not.  Judging will start at 9:15 and the first of the practice rounds at 9:30.  The schedule has all the specifics for throughout the day.  The competition is scheduled to get over at 4:00 pm.  We will try our very best to keep everything on schedule and get out as close to 4 as possible.

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1. Core Values Judging

2. Robot Judging

3. Parking – Purdue map

4. Schedule – Schedule draft

5. Consent and Release Forms

6. Team information sheets

7. Armory Address

8. Payment

9. Concessions


1. Core Values Judging Breakdown:  Ten minute judging session – 3 minute team activity, 2 minute poster presentation, 5 minute Q and A from judges

– Team Activity – Teams will be given a pile of LEGOs and will draw a card to determine some object (e.g. car, bridge, ect…) to build out of given parts.  Judges will be looking at the team dynamics and interaction during this time, not on the final product that the team produces (although I’m sure the judges could be impressed by the final product).
2. Robot Judging  Breakdown:  Ten minute judging session – 5 minutes reserved for team presentation/demonstration, 5 minutes Q and A from judges

– Personally, I feel like the robot presentation is the least structured of the three judging areas, as a lot of it will probably be pretty interactive between the judges and the teams, so this is will probably fluctuate with each judging pair.  If the team does not have a five minute presentation or demonstration, then the judges can interact with the teams however they feel fit as long as the team solicits it (I don’t want the judges to feel like they are overstepping the teams and risk cutting off a team’s presentation prematurely).

3. Parking – Parking is available in the parking garage and parking lots as shown on the attached .jpeg picture.  The map also highlights the Armory, as well as the two buildings that we have judging rooms in (Lawson and Psychological Science Building).

4. Schedule - Attached is a final tentative draft for Saturday’s competition.  Feel free to look through and bring up any possible concerns that you see.  It is possible that we have made a mistake somewhere, and we would much rather catch it before Saturday.

5. Please make sure that you fill out the Consent and Release form.  Each participating student and coach must fill one out and turn them in when your team checks in at the tournament.

6. Just a reminder that the Team information sheets can be filled out and brought to each of the judging sessions if your team would like to do so.  I would suggest bringing one for each judging session so that the judges can more easily remember each of the teams that they see.  These were attached to last week’s email, but if you need another copy of either one, let me know and I can email it out to you again.

7. The address for the Purdue Armory is 813 Third St West Lafayette, IN 47907 (for finding directions).

8.  I haven’t heard any differently from the Purdue financial side of things, so as far as I know, each team has been paid for and is good to go for the competition.

9. Concessions are being set up by our adviser in Purdue Convocations, and I haven’t heard any final word on concessions yet.  I know Moe’s was confirmed as of last week, but I haven’t about Pappy’s.  I am going to follow up on that once again and I will send out a final confirmations on this as soon as possible.  Teams are not obligated to eat at our vendors, but we wanted to have a convenient option in the Armory for everyone. We will be selling freshly popped popcorn as well.


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1. Concessions

2. Advancement to State Tournament

3. Schedule

4. Attachments

1.  One of the coaches brought up a concern about peanut allergies with Jimmy John’s chips being fried in peanut oil and the possible contamination that could have on the FLL field pieces.  Due to this concern, we will not be having Jimmy John’s as a vendor at the competition.  I have received confirmation about Moe’s coming.  They will be selling tacos, nachos, and coke products.  We are also talking to Pappy’s from the Purdue Union about selling hot dogs and other various items.  I will inform everyone when I receive final confirmation on that.

2. We will be advancing 9 teams from our Qualifying Tournament to the State Tournament in Fort Wayne.

Reminders about advancement:

a) Teams must compete in ALL aspects of the FLL competition to advance:

  • Robot game 
  • Core Values judging
  • Robot design judging
  • Project judging (they must do all 3 parts to get an award: state a problem share their solution, explain how they shared it with others)

b) Teams are chosen to advance based on their overall performance from the 3 components: robot design judging, project judging, and  Core Values judging. Teams should have a balanced performance across all three areas. Judges will deliberate to determine each team’s overall ranking at your tournament based on their combined rankings in each of the judged areas with consideration of their robot game performance score. Their highest single robot score out of three rounds must be in the top 50% of scores for your tournament.   Note: Usually the requirement for robot score is the top 40%, but we are allowed to take teams from 2 x the percentage of teams that we advance (2 x (9 of 36 teams) = 50%), so we are taking adavantage of this and increasing the requirement from 40%

3. I will attach a tentative final schedule with particular match and judging times in next week’s updates.

4. Attachments:

– Consent and release forms:  One form must be filled out for each student as well as for each coach on the team.

– Purdue map:  Highlighted on the map are the buildings that we will be using during the competition.

– Team information sheet: This sheet is a good way for the judges to get to know your team a bit and possibly help them remember your team after your presentations.


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1. Tentative Schedule

2. Coaches in judging rooms

3. Juding Rooms

4. Concessions

5. Updates available online

1. Here is a tentative schedule for the day of the competition. This will be changing to some extent, and be looking for a final tentative schedule the week of the competition.  Most likely everything will be pushed back a bit throughout the day, but check-in and opening will start at 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM respectively, and will not be pushed back.  Also, we will be having a coaches meeting at 8:30.

Start time End time
Check-in 8:00 AM 9:00 AM
Opening 9:00 AM 9:15 AM
Judging 9:15 AM 12:15 PM
Practice 10:15 AM 11:15 AM
Round 1 11:15 AM 12:15 PM
Lunch 12:15 PM 1:00 PM
Round 2 1:00 PM 2:00 PM
Round 3 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
Judge’s Deliberation 1:00 PM 3:20 PM

. We will be allowing a maximum of two adults per team into the judging rooms.  Last year, different judges were allowing different numbers of people in the rooms, but this year we will maintaining this standard across all judging rooms.  This can be either two coaches, parents, or relatives; whomever the team decides to send in with them is fine with me.

3.  The judging rooms will be in classrooms.  In each classrooms there is one table at the front of the room (about the size of a standard folding table) that the teams will be able to use.  There are also desks in the rooms if for some reason teams need access to desks for a presentation.  Additionally, there is a projector, computer access, and laptop hook-ups available, but I would stress to teams not to be totally dependent on our technology for your presentation.  You never know when technology will decide it doesn’t want to cooperate for some reason or another.  If you are planning on using technology for a presentation, it would be ideal if you bring your own laptop to present/display on so that we have the least amount of set-up possible in each of the judging sessions.

4. We are planning on having two food vendors on site at the competition. Most likely, we will be having Moe’s and Jimmy Johns.  They will be selling their food for at least part of the day, but I do not have a confirmation of any of the details from them.  In addition to those vendors, we will be selling freshly popped popcorn, for more of a snack option.  As shown in the tentative schedule above, we will be having a 45 minute break for lunch, tentatively scheduled for 12:15.

5. These updates will be posted for future reference on the Purdue FIRST website at the following link:



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Updates – 10/26/12

1. Core Values poster

2. Core Values team activity

3. Robot Judging robot code

4. Special needs/requests

5. Judging rooms

6. Game updates

1. As mentioned in Carol Dostal’s email, we are requiring a poster for the core values judging this year.  In previous years this was only required at the State Tournament, but this year all the Qualifying Tournaments are picking it up as well.  Please read about this below.

Requirements for Indiana FLL Core Values Tournament Judging:
All Indiana tournaments will require that teams bring an FLL Core Values poster which the team creates to their FLL Core Values judging. The poster may be a standard sized poster or a tri-fold display board similar to what is used in a typical science fair project. The poster should be used as a visual aid in the judging session to assist your team in explaining a variety of aspects of the Core Values. This will also help the judges see something visual that you may be unable to explain in words or that will help your team explain as they talk to the judges. See the rubric used by the judges for FLL Core Values in your coach handbook. Your team may decide to show something on the poster that explains any or all of the three areas: Inspiration, Teamwork, Gracious Professionalism. There are no other specific directions accept these and the recommendation to make wise use of the poster as a support (visual aid) for what will be explained; not necessarily as a replacement.

2. During the core values judging session, we will be having each team complete a short impromptu team activity to accomplish together.  This will be a short 2-3 minute easy, short task to complete without guidance from the coach.  Last year, this was used at the State Tournament and it is a good way for the judges to see team dynamics in action and we decided to bring that to our QT this year.  I will provide a couple examples closer to the competition, but this is not something that the teams will necessarially “prepare” for ahead of time.

3. Another change that is going into effect at all QTs:  we are asking that each team bring a printed copy of your robot code to Robot Design judging.  This will hopefully help the students explain the coding to the judges better and let the judges make sure that the team knows how the robot is functioning code-wise.  Teams are also welcome to bring a laptop or tablet to display coding in addition to the printed code.

4. I am asking that all teams notify me of any team members that have special needs that need to be accommodated, so that we can make the required accommodations and enable everyone to have the best experience possible at the competition.  Also, any other special requests that your teams may have I ask be brought up sooner than later (before the competition date would be ideal) so I can make sure that it is taken care of in the best manner possible.  A few teams have already contacted me, and I will address things as they are brought to me.

5. Our tournament is making changes from the judging room situation last year.  We will have judging rooms in a building other than the armory, which means that a majority of the teams will have to leave the armory and walk to another building.  We will have volunteers walking teams back and forth from the buildings to make sure that no one gets lost and that we keep a careful watch over the kids as they move back and forth.  Of course coaches and parents are welcomed and encouraged to help walk their teams to and fro as well.  If you foresee this being a problem for your team for any reason, let me know and I will make accommodations accordingly.

6. Please make sure that you are checking the updates to the robot game:



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