Purdue FIRST Programs consists of a variety of sub-teams that mentor local high school and elementary teams, organize competitions, work with the media and companies, and perform technical support.

Junior Robotics (Lego League)
The junior robotics subteam holds its build season during the fall. Mentors teach middle school students how to build and program Lego NXT kits. Teams compete at the Purdue Lego League regional in November. During the spring semester mentors can assist high school robotics teams, plan off season Lego League events and work on various other projects. This subteam travels to schools once or twice a week and is less of a time commitment then Technical Robotics.

Technical Robotics (High School)
This subteam is responsible for mentoring and supporting our three high school robotics teams. Mentors typically travel to the high school twice a week in the fall and three to four times a week during the build season. Mentors work with the latest technology and gain experience in mechanisms, drive trains, programming, electronics, and much more.

Regional Planning
PFP hosts two regionals in the armory each year, a junior robotics tournament in the fall and a high school robotics tournament in the spring. This subteam is responsible for planning both of these events and promoting them to the FIRST community. The regional events are our greatest outreach opportunity as they bring over 2500 students to Purdue’s campus each year.

Public Relations
This subteam is responsible for recruiting new members every year. The team also plans all outreach initiatives, creates the organization newsletter, provides web site content, and market the organization. Members also work with high school robotics teams to complete award submissions, promote the teams, and much more.

Industrial Relations
PFP has a budget of over $100,000. This subteam is responsible for raising the funds necessary to support our operations. Members of the team make connections with corporations and build networking skills. Major sponsors include GM, NASA, Schlumberger, Kimberly-Clark, Dupont, and many more.

Information Technology
IT supports every subteam in the program by providing web support, developing new applications, controlling FIRST Dat (the organizations management application), etc. Members also provide assistance to high school robotics teams through programming, web development training, and much more. The program has a history of web excellence with one team winning the Championship Website Award twice.